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With GreenBox, businesses can discover a better solution to POS, payment, and delivery systems.

About Us

We have worked hard to build partnerships with different vendors to construct customized solutions for merchants and companies alike. Our products offer a vast variety of operational features that extend beyond regular processes.

GreenBox was founded in 2007 in San Diego, California. We strive to build cutting edge customized payment solutions for the diverse, evolving and dynamic market. With offices in Seattle, Vancouver BC, and San Diego, GreenBox devises innovative applications that disrupt and improve upon traditional processes, backed by our proprietary blockchain technology. We currently carry 5 provisional patents for our technology and continue to work on new emerging technologies to support the constant evolution of business needs today in tomorrow.

Meet The Team

Fredi Nisan

CEO, Co-Founder and Vice Chairman

Ben Errez

EVP, Co-Founder and Chairman