Loopz - Delivery System

An advanced delivery software solution made specifically for mobile delivery operations with full financial support.


Designed with businesses in mind, LOOPZ is a delivery software solution with three essential elements: a back-end dispatcher and two mobile apps, one for drivers, and one for consumers.

The Loopz standalone back-end dispatcher is the backbone of the system. It controls functions like accepting orders, managing drivers, setting payments, tracking deliveries and much more. The dispatching works through a SAAS engine, so there is no installation, backup, or data restoration required. All of our software is supported by table and phone apps, making it easy for management on the go. With the app, drivers have access to the built-in advanced dashboard that ensures that every delivery is completed smoothly. On the consumer side, customers connect directly to merchants and are updated in real-time, guaranteeing peace of mind.

Uncover software uniquely designed for mobile delivery service operations with full autonomous or manual dispatch capabilities. Business owners have the freedom to accept or reject orders and assign drivers. The software’s smart technology can find the right driver for the delivery based on details like location and time.

Like all our products, LOOPZ is fully supported by our blockchain payment solution ensuring that payment occurs securely and swiftly. Additionally, LOOPZ has the ability to link to other GreenBox software and services to streamline business operations and reduce costs. LOOPZ features include:

  • Mobile apps that run on Android and IOS
  • Direct reporting abilities with GreenBox POS inventory
  • Integration with other GreenBox technologies ensuring instant settlement
  • Separate escrow setup for tips and merchant sales

Easily Manage Your Delivery Business with Loopz

Learn more about this multifaceted, powerful software supported by blockchain technology for your peace of mind.