Blockchain Based Solutions Made Especially for Business

GreenBox is eliminating the difficulties that develop for high-cash businesses due to costly payment processing solutions and traditional banking models.

Our technologies provide secure cashless solutions that not only make it easier for people to manage their business and purchases but reduce overhead costs for businesses. Each of our products is designed and built in-house, using patented blockchain technology. One of the many revolutionary features of our products is the power to complete transactions almost instantaneously. When cashless transactions take place on our network, the exchange is immediate. There is no third-party intermediary, no banks, or pending purchases. All funds move swiftly and securely throughout the GreenBox network via cash, credit, or ACH, with immediate settlement.



With QuickCard’s kiosk, app, and e-wallet merchants and customers can easily participate in the GreenBox network.

GreenBox POS

GreenBox POS carries the cohesive technology that makes it possible to work with LOOPZ and QuickCard systems.


LOOPZ is a delivery software solution that is made of three components: a back-end dispatcher and two mobile apps, for drivers and consumers.

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